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Believe it or not, but the latest basketball game, the NBA 2K13 is much different from the other games in its genre. The game seems to be a much different basketball simulation than what we have grown accustomed to, all these years. The game retains the same pace, good execution and flow. The freestyle controls included in the NBA 2K13 make it all the more versatile.

The game is not meant for amateurs as the new features in the game are not explained well and hence, are surely going to be a problem for those who are new to the same. Even the new dribble moves needed some explanation. But all this doesn't affect the popularity of the same. Every star player has a signature move which makes NBA 2K13 very interesting. The game still retains the old interface and hence is easy to navigate through. It has a commendable gameplay, one that would keep you glued to the same for hours together.

However, there is more to NBA 2K13 than what meets the eye! The game includes character customization, one where you get to create your own player and help him grow in the world of basketball. The points earned during matches would get your player more skills. You even get to portray your player whichever way you please. This would directly or indirectly help the media and the fans have a positive or negative attitude towards him. In short, NBA 2K13 allows us plenty of experimentation, one which makes the game a treat for all the basketball game lovers.

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