Download FreeStyle Street Basketball

Designed and developed by JC Systems and published online by Sierra; FreeStyle Street Basketball is, as suggested by its name, an online basketball game that promises to be fast-paced and offer you the same challenging games that are played out on the streets. This gaming tool promises to offer you one of the best virtual gaming environments where you can challenge other players in the dynamically designed gaming environment. Besides its fashionable visuals and gravity defying moves, the game is also integrated with funky and cutting edge music, making it a great gaming package in all.

Street basketball is a community game, and this online game very much emphasizes this aspect. There are various options to customize the game and make it suitable for the gaming style of various players. You can meet a wide range of players in this gaming community. You can get to try out many of your basketball moves in this virtual arena. And the best part, every player you meet in this virtual environment is actually a real player with their own style and game moves. You can create your own unique player and the way you move ahead in the game is based on your moves and playing efficiency.

You can customize your player by purchasing the clothes, playing gear, as well as skill sets. These are earned by using your points gained through experience in the game as well as through other micro-transactions included in the game. For all the ardent basketball players out there, this game is your chance to get out on the streets and showcase your moves. If you are new to basketball but are interested in trying out the game, there is a comprehensive tutorial that guides you through the play features. With 3D visualizations, the game promises to give you a real feel of the game.

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