Download Football Manager 2010

If you are looking for a soccer management game that will entertain and grip you at the same time then Football Manager 2010 is the game for you. The best feature that has been inculcated in Football Manager 2010 is the 3D view that makes the player animation a sight to behold for soccer fans all over the world. There are a series of other changes and features that have been added to Football Manager 2010, like the fact that the pitch changes and requires restoration over a period of time, and the weather changes affect the outcome of the game.

To assist you in all your tasks and duties as a manager, there has been an addition of 22 new commands and touchline instructions available to help you out. There is another feature called the Tactics Creator and this allows you to change the strategy of the game, the team’s philosophy, and also alter individual role of each players accurately. The analysis of each match is in a lot of detail and makes for a great feature as it allows you to access shots, passes, headers and many more such actions throughout the game. the licensing of the game is so extensive that you are permitted to play in any major leagues all over the world.

There are extensive details regarding the players available in the game allowing you to manage the team precisely. There is the database of the leagues that allows you to access all this in-depth information. You also have to ensure that the team’s relations with the press and the public has been managed to the best possible manner. This will mean that you will have to hold press conferences and also converse with other players. The only downside to the game is that it can get a little overwhelming.


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