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FIFA Online 2, as suggested by its name, is a gaming software utility that offers its users the ability to play soccer or football in a 3D gaming environment that has been built with game-play and near-realistic graphics. This tool claims to be a Massive Multi Player Online (MMO) gaming software that offers various modes of play such as World Cup, League matches, etc. You can also engage in short soccer games by challenging other players or teams. There are also options to create your own soccer team.

You can implement this tool in various Windows based systems and the game is, more specifically, intended for the capturing the attention of the Asian market base. It is also integrated with a tutorial feature that is optional and can be used to learn your way through the game. With this tool, you will be able to choose the teams that you want to manage or create your own custom team by choosing players. There are over a dozen teams from which you can choose your favorite ones.

Each of the players comes integrated with customized statistics related to their gaming capabilities. The application also includes an item store that you can use to customize the players in your team. You can choose to play against other teams or even against the AI. The game is intended to tap into the huge fan following of soccer games. It is built on the FIFA 07 engine. This is a product from the house of IAHGames.

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