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If you wish to test your managerial skills in the world of football management, then FIFA Manager 10 is the game that will deliver. The game has some very realistic approach to making the football management a complete and comprehensive experience. You will be the manager of one of the leading teams of your choice and your tasks will comprise of all the duties that you have to complete as the manager of the team. Of course there will be assistants that will help you with your tasks, but it will be your responsibility to delegate the tasks.

The amount of assistance that you get when playing FIFA Manager 10 is impressive and makes the whole gaming experience better. The interface of the game is bright and vibrant making the game very attractive. You also have a number of press aspects at your disposal, like the magazines, the website and more help you in establishing public relations for your team. You have to be very careful when fulfilling duties that will be laid on you as the manager. Recruiting players and giving out salaries are the least complex tasks, there are others like coaching, managing your youth team, transfers, managing the club shop and dealings with the press.

There are a lot of strategic decisions that you will have to make when playing FIFA Manager 10 and this makes the game very challenging and compelling. If you have an eye for detail, then FIFA Manager 10 is the game that will put all your skills to test. The game has a about 4000 clubs with 37000 members and players, and yet the game feels a little less stressful when compared to other games of the same genre. Although, the game is not as detailed as Football Manager 2010, it still holds its own place in the gaming world.


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