Download ES File Explorer for PC Windows

ES File for PC Windows has more than a billion users. The application supports more than eighteen different languages. This is a free application and all in one file manager is featured. All the resources could also be managed for free.

You can stay connected with the application using 3G, Wi-Fi and Edge and further share it with friends by watching videos and uploading photos. It operates files using Cut, Copy, and Paste. It also shares, deletes, rename and send files in the computer. It has a shortcut category with Uninstall and Backup.

ZIP files could both be compressed and decompressed. All RAR files could be unpacked. Different file format could also be viewed. It has thumbnails for images and APK. All files could be managed on the FTP server. It also has the Root Explorer feature. For root users it has ultimate file manager tools. The data directories and the whole file system could be managed.


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