EA Sports Cricket

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For all the diehard fans if cricket and all its computer games, EA Sports Cricket is the latest and one of the most amazing games out there. If you have always played the Cricket series then EA Sports Cricket may seem a little bland to you, but the game has a number of things to boast of. Firstly there have been an upgrade in the features of the game that make it all the more entertaining and fast paced to play and enjoy. The game has a number of improvements when compared to its predecessor and is packed with action.

EA Sports Cricket is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and also Windows 7.  The controls of the game have been revamped and done in a way that there is more power with the players operating the controls. The controls allow you to control your shot, direction, foot choice, timing and the force of the shot. The game allows you to control all sorts of shots that you want to pull off and also makes the game more life-like than ever before. It seems almost like the game is one that you are playing on television!

There are a number of camera angles that have been added to EA Sports Cricket allowing you to experience the game from different angles of the field. The equipment of the game is all upgraded and the game play has been improved vastly. Also, the commentary of the game is very realistic and also sounds very professional. EA Sports Cricket is a very promising game in the world o cricket with some improved graphics and a very entertaining game play. EA Sports Cricket will please fans of cricket even if there are better games out there to play for them. The game has some really well thought out features that make it a must-play game.