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Clong rhymes with Pong and this is the reason for which the title of the game has been stylized in this manner: in order to give you a better gameplay feeling over the game, you will also be able to play a Pong game that has the name designed like this. The game was built by a single developer that worked on both aspects of the game and you will enjoy the work that is involved here, as the effort was not made in vain and the result is pretty nice to look at and play with.

Clong is different from other Pong games because it does not follow up the classic gameplay. Of course, you will be able to use the paddle and control it with your keys and you will also be able to control the ball with that paddle just like in other games, but there is a twist. The game that you will have to play now has a different gameplay because the arena in which you will enter is round and you will have to control the ball in a different manner, as the paddle will also slide on the round edges of the map and it will be slightly harder to control the paddle.

The game can be played in single player, against a computer controlled player, but you can also go in multi player and you will have the possibility to play with up to three other friends from the same keyboard. Each of you will have a paddle with a different color and each of you will have certain controls assigned in order to control that paddle. Keep the controls in mind as the game will be more difficult when you play it with your friends as the things will be pretty crowded.

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