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BasketBalls is not just a sports game that is designed for fans of the genre, but also for everyone that would like to focus on a good challenge that will keep them occupied for some time. The game is great for the fans of basketball as it features the shirts of different famous basketball players and the gamer that goes into this game will be able to choose his favorite in order to go on the court and prove that he is the best player. The game is not actually a fully basketball one, but it only concentrates on getting the ball into the basket.

Doing this is not hard, but mastering it in the game will prove to be an art that requires skill. This is because the game is a physics game and the conditions of a real ball are well recreated in order to provide the best environment for the player to play in. This should not be too difficult to begin, but the later levels will prove really challenging as the opponents will also be on the field and the ball will have to avoid them in interesting manners before it gets into the basket.

The game contains three tutorial levels that will teach the player the basics of the game, such as moving the player, aiming and shooting the ball, and there are also 35 great levels that feature less or more challenging levels. Sometimes, after a difficult level there might also be easier ones that allow the player to rest a little bit before he goes on to the next difficult shot. There is also a referee in the game and if the player manages to hit him, he will give a five second bonus that will really be useful, considering the timed challenges feature.

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