Download BasketBalls Level Pack

BasketBalls Level Pack is an interesting casual game that might actually put the players to the test as they try to solve all of the levels that have some nice challenges featured for them. Every level is designed in a unique way and even if they have some common points regarding the overall strategy, the player will have to think a little bit before each levels because the method of shooting will be different every time, in order to create a more interesting environment in which the player will be able to train his character and teach him how to have the best shots.

The first few levels are relatively easy and they will allow the player to actually warm up before he starts the more harder ones. In the first levels, there will also be different guides about how the player should approach the levels in order to be sure that he is able to win. The tips and tricks are also available as random facts when the game goes to a loading screen and they are also available in the menu, inside the help area. If the player uses them, he will be able to score some pretty nice balls if they dedicate a little bit.

The latter levels will prove to be more difficult and they will prove to be a bigger challenge to the player. The levels are harder to pass but with dedication, the player should still be able to earn a high score and progress to the next level. There are a total of 38 levels in total and they have been added into this newer version of the game in order to give players an opportunity to test their skills once again and see if they are able to score all of the balls that are required.

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