Download Ace Fishing: Wild Catch for PC Windows

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch for PC Windows takes you to the most beautiful location where you can catch fish and enjoy the wonderful background. There are numerous features that make this game very much different from the other fishing games and in a way better too. The controls of the game are very simple and easy to get along with. Most of the activities can be performed using a single click.

With high quality graphics and mesmerising locations, this game can become too much addictive for the players of this genre. The game is also highly customizable with the options to change your rods and their features, your avatar and much more. You can travel from the great Amazon to Hanauma Bay in search of fish and watch them swim in the sea with their own characteristic features. You can also get featured on the global rankings with your amazing performances in the game in terms of bigger fishes and bigger catches.

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