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The Political Machine 2012 is a game meant for all those who have always wondered about the political machinery involved in Presidential elections. The game has a board-game kind of feel to it and is priced cheap. This is the reason perhaps that gamers having a knack for politics do lay hands upon the same. However, the game holds good even for those who wish to play it just for the sake of fun. In short, The Political Machine 2012 is a great game to lay hands upon.

The Political Machine 2012 is a welcome development over its previous form which hit the gaming world in 2008. The game retains the positives of the former version and offers much beyond. This has helped the game land into the good books of the people all the more. However, it is more of an expansion package than an outright sequel. The Political Machine 2012 has been designed well and is rather exciting to play. The candidates running for the Oval Office, look like bobblehead caricatures of their true inspirations and hence add to the fun quotient of the game.

So, how to proceed with the game? Well, in order to get the campaign rolling you would first need to choose a candidate from the Democrats or the Republicans. You get to create your own candidate as well. The best thing about The Political Machine 2012 is the fact that you can either play the same as a single-player campaign against the computer AI or have a multiplayer match over the net. Whatever be the case, The Political Machine 2012 is worth every penny that you shell on the same.

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