Surgeon Simulator 2013

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If you have always wanted to be a surgeon but couldn’t bother yourself to go through medical school, then here is a game that will ensure that you get to live your dream without putting anyone’s life at real risk. Surgeon Simulator 2013 allows you to perform a live heart surgery with all the required tools. You get to play the role of a surgeon named Nigel Bruke, but the twist in the game is that Nigel Bruke is just you being yourself, with no real skill at surgery. All you have is a number of tools and equipment along with a body that requires a heart surgery.

The goal of Surgeon Simulator 2013 is very simple. You have to complete a series of tasks and operations in a given period of time, and your challenge is to do all of this with minimal blood loss. You begin with a heart transplant. The difficult part of the game is its controls. You will soon learn that you have to control each finger of the surgeon separately, and what is tougher is picking up the equipment required for the operation and actually slicing the body or the organs. It will take some time for you to get used to controlling the hand of the surgeon, and you will probably end up hacking a number of patients in the process.

When the surgery ends you will be given a review regarding how the surgery went. There are hardly any indicators or instructions as to which tools you will need for the surgery and this is where the challenge lies. The graphics of Surgeon Simulator 2013 are pretty good, but what is more entertaining is the sound effects. Surgeon Brukes will often curse saying “Oh no!” or “Oh Jesus!” in a very funny accent and this adds a humorous touch to the game.