Star Trek: Klingon Academy

Download Star Trek: Klingon Academy

Independence War seems to be an inspiration for many space combat simulations, one of them being the Star Trek: Klingon Academy. The game has made its name owing to an amazing gameplay and the ambitious simulation. Star Trek: Klingon Academy is the long due sequel to the much popular Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. The game would prove to be a little difficult for the amateurs but has enough features to keep people hooked to the same.

Star Trek: Klingon Academy includes big Starfleet vessels which have always been portrayed as giant spaceships capable of taking down any enemy ship. In the old games, the vessels could only fire the front facing weaponry's; however, in this version of the game, the gamers would get to go all guns blazing at the enemy ships. The game retains the charm of the Star Trek series and dishes out amazing action sequences. The game is a tad slower than the regular space Sims, and has been done so, to keep the spirit of the series alive.

Star Trek: Klingon Academy is a different Star Trek game. The gamers would get to control the command systems of the nine space vessels’ and get to pull up separate screens for each of the command systems. Hence, the gamers get to micromanage while at war with the enemies. The game comes replete with options as immobilizing enemy ships by tractor beams or transporting marines to the same to wreak havoc from inside. You name it and the Star Trek: Klingon Academy has it! It is probably one of the best Star Trek games around and is indeed worth spending some time upon.