Download Princess Salon 2 for PC Windows

Princess Salon 2 for PC Windows is a great application for the people who love to try their hands on makeup and salon games. There are four characters in the game, Veronica, Leslie, Gracie, Loretta and the prince. Your task in the game would be to put makeup on their face and dress them up to look stunning. One wonderful thing about this game is that, the developers have included many of the user suggestions that were dropped for the last edition of the game.

There are eight different rooms to take care of your clients in. In each of the different rooms, you can provide spa and give your clients a rejuvenated and relaxed feeling. You can also dress them up with your custom design and styling to suit with the face and makeup of the character in concern. You will be getting four different tasks on a daily basis, on completion of these, you will get to unlock new stuffs for better experience.

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