Download Pou for PC Windows

Pou for PC Windows is based on the simple concept of being the master of a pet and doing different things for your pet and with your pet. But in this game, your pet will be an alien from unknown planet and you have to feed it, play with it, clean it and enjoy the growing up of your new pet. You can customise the game background and outfits of your pet to set it up as per your likings.

There are lot of games that your pet can be playing with it you in the game room. You can experiment with your new pet using the unknown potions in the lab and watch them have different effects on your pet. The customization of the outfits includes a great deal of variation like new dresses, eyeglasses and hats to give your pet the themed dress that you would like. The application also has the talk back feature that lets you talk to your pet.

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