Download Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator

Microsoft combat flight simulator 3- battle for Europe is a flight simulation program with the background of World War 2 in the progress. Here on this game, the final battle for capturing the Europe has been taken as the simulator environment. Here on this game you fly as a U.S Army Air Force or Royal Air force in a tactical situation, where you can influence the events and the timeline of the campaign. This game supports all windows version OS releases till date like XP, Vista, 7 and 8 with high graphic details and enhancement in the real world environment.

With the background of 1943, a tactical war situation has been adopted in the game by Microsoft. This flight simulation game brings you the hi-fi action involvements and real world action and tactical plan enhancements that were missing in those previous versions.  On this very Game, you will be able to experience the real world tactical air war while flying around the historical framework of World War 2.

Eventually, in this game, with the skill and perseverance that you and your squadron manage has to show will have a direct influence over the tactical game plans of war. That means depending on your skill and flight combat endurance, you will be able to change the history and the scenario of the war campaign. This direct influence of your skill as a flight lieutenant exerts greater importance upon the game and thus it changes the simulation game experience.

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