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If you want a game with a touch or realism to it that will let you indulge in some real-life touch decision making, then KUMA\WAR is the game for you. There is nothing playful or silly about the game and is  suitable for only people with a matured sense of world events. KUMA\WAR revolves around real-world events that are transformed into a game and presented to you in the form of missions. Within days of the occurrence of a military event, KUMA\WAR, with the help of 3D gaming tools, will reenact the entire event and give you the mission once your subscribe to it.

At the start of the game, you will be given ‘boots on the ground’ with which you will be able to experience the military events like Uday and Qusay Hussein’s Last Stand in Mosul, Iraq. Another mission would be a huge scale bank robbery that was busted by the American troops in Samarra, Iraq in the year 2003. As the player your role will be to think tactically and come up with a plan on how to go about the mission and make it a success. Since KUMA\WAR is so life-like, your tactics will have to be practical and well thought out as well.

When it comes to graphics, KUMA\WAR has one of the most enhanced graphics tool that makes the game so stunning to play. before you begin your mission, you will have help in the form of intelligence that has been collected from around the world. You will also have a satellite photograph of the battlefield and also a tutorial on how to use the weaponry. You will be prepared in all ways to finish your mission. All in all, KUMA\WAR is one of the most intense games that revolve action that you will ever have the opportunity to play.


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