Download High School Story for PC Windows

High School Story for PC Windows is a very interesting simulation game that takes you back to the days of your high school and gives you the freedom to do anything that you could have possibly done in your high school. There are more than 30 different classmates with different characteristics and different relation to you. You can even explore their characters and stories as you progress in the game.

In the game, you can throw parties to make friends and know your friends better, head on a date with the character you like and you can even take on other high schools in fun games like science fair, homecoming game or prank war and become the hero of your school. You can customize your character such that it resembles you as closely as possible and you can also customize your school to make it the dream school that you would have loved to study in. Make friends in the game, or invite your real-life friends and have fun in the high school.

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