Download Hello Kitty’s Pie Shop for PC windows

Hello Kitty's Pie Shop for PC windows is a wonderful arcade game, where you would be needed to help out Hello Kitty with the baking and serving of the gorgeous and delicious pies. The game is very simple. Choose the base depending on the size and shape you want for your creation, add filling with flavour and taste you want and follow it up with baking. After you have baked your cake, decorate your pie and finish it off with wonderful toppings.

This game allows you to make your own creation without any guidelines and targets. There are a huge number of shapes and size you can choose for the base, a number of flavours for your fillings and numerous toppings that you can use for your pie. Each thing changed would create a completely new item. The game is made interesting for the kids the beautiful graphics and cute kitty to play with.


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