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If life in the countryside has always enthralled you, then try playing Farming Simulator and getting a taste of what it is like to be residing in the country. Farming Simulator is based on driving tractors and completing courses with obstacles. This version of Farming Simulator introduces you to two modes of gaming: one is the time trail and the other is the hay bailing. Time trial is a one man show where you have to race against time while completing obstacles and hay bailing involves cautiously placing a hay baler over the cut wheat in order to make hay bails. If you complete the tasks, you get medals as rewards and also gold.

There is a lot of physics involved in the game play of Farming Simulator; although it may not be very sophisticated. The game mode may seem a little out of date when the tractors don’t move with precision, and the models don’t move with suspension. The graphics are above average but not up to the mark. The sound effects are also quite passable. The action may seem slow paced for more seasoned and action lovers of the gaming community. The island is quite and sparsely populated, meaning that there wont be much activity going on around the place.

The game is very basic, and to enjoy it you will have to be a fan of tractor driving and farming. If you cant manage that then Farming Simulator is probably not the game for you. On the up side, there are a lot of different farming activities that you can engage in, and also the tractors are based on real models. You can also explore the island at length without much hindrance. However, Farming Simulator can be a very dry and unimaginative game with very little to offer on the entertainment front.


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