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F-Sim Shuttle is an application featuring space shuttles and an adventurous expedition revolving around them. In this app, the user gets to take the role of a pilot, performing all the functions, managing and handling the challenging adventures dealing with the landing of space shuttles. It is a fun app including wide parameters of selection of flights and customizable settings. The player has to accomplish the ultimate mission, which is to make a safe landing of the shuttle on the Air Base (Kennedy Space Center or Edwards Air Force Base). One would find the challenges highly exciting and it would really take lots of rounds for the player to master in this application.

It brings out a lot of realistic substance imbibed in the app as the player has to take charge of all the crew members in the aircraft during the landing, which is relatable for any human being. This makes the game quite addictive. With every landing, the technical details will be displayed, for instance, the vertical speed, ground speed, airspeed, etc. Other tabs are also present, displaying various details. One also gets to choose from a good range of flights that one would like to be the pilot of. The visuals of this app are stunning and quite appealing to the eyes of the audience.

Overall quality is well defined and its quick pace adds more to the fun. It is a delight for users playing on handy touch screen devices. Available on multiple platforms, this app has a very easy accessibility. The environments are interesting and one gets the full freedom to choose the backdrop from the menu. It can be either a day flight or night that the player will be dealing with the landing of. These features make the game more exciting. With lots of other controls in your hands like turbulence control, visibility, etc, this game is a very entertaining package as a whole.

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