Download Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII

Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII developed by Trickster Games is a flight simulation game designed for various platforms like PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The game allows you to fly your choice of military plane choosing from 32 unique airplane types. The highlight of the game is the setting of the game in historical events where you get to be a part of combat missions like that of Pearl Harbor. The missions proceed periodically as the game progresses along the scenes in World War II.

There are two game modes namely Arcade and Simulation to choose from. In the Arcade mode you get to sit behind the plane which is the only option whereas in the simulation mode you get a variety of views like cockpit, aerial and nose to choose from. The controls of these modes vary but the action is the same. You get to enjoy a lot of stunts and maneuvers with your plane, like skimming water, rolling and tucking while chasing your enemy. The mini map is a useful feature in the game allowing you to view enemy planes in relevant colors. The game has two meters which can be used during the game whenever convenient – Warspeed allows you to slow everything such that it’s easier to shoot the enemy and the Speed Booster which is self-explanatory.

Damage Inc.: Pacific Squadron WWII is mostly a single player game but it does have a multiplayer mode which isn't too attractive though. Overall, the idea of the game is interesting but the graphics are not so great and the frame rate isn't up to the mark either. But for players who enjoy simulation and flying, this game with its interesting storyline of historical events can provide some salvage.

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