Close Combat

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Close Combat is one of the most innovative and best military simulations currently available in the market. The game is set in 1944 and takes place at the beach of Normandy. The gamer gets to choose whether he wishes to fight for the German forces or fight with the Americans. Close Combat has a real time approach to things and deals with a six week time-frame wherein your troops would either bask in the glory of having steamrolled the enemies or would go down in the abyss of history.

Close Combat is a well conceived and well executed game. The characters have been done really well. They react to in-game stress and are quite life like. However, for those who can’t really handle the psychology part of the game, they may simply choose the setting which would make them blindly obey your orders. The scenarios would make the gamer think before he acts. The realistic sound effects and the cry for help during the battle bring out the best and worst aspects of any war. The computer AI is quite good and does a decent job all through.

One couldn't have asked for a better military simulator than Close Combat. It is true that the main display is littered with small panels and is hard to grasp in the initial hours, but once you go through the in-game tutorial, you would understand the usage of all those. Close Combat is a great game about the Normandy invasion and is certainly worth the try. The real time combat and the open network play make it a good game by all standards.