Download Cities XL 2012

Willing to lay hands upon a city builder? Well, in that case you can opt for Cities XL 2012. The game is an improvement over its previous self, Cities XL 2011. While it is true that city builders are no longer the hot favorites these days, yet games like Cities XL 2012 manage to make some impression. The game seems to be an expansion package and is worth the money that you would have to shell for it. It is a game which would keep you glued to your systems for hours together.

Cities XL 2012 presents different opportunities by means of various in-game maps. The game starts slow but picks up speed once you are settled and have understood the basics of the same. Different maps are set in different terrains. Some of these terrains include mountains, deserts, open plains, sandy beach and plenty more. The best part of Cities XL 2012 is the fact that, each of these is loosely based on some real world location which further adds to the charm of the game. The in-game settings would allow you to set the difficulty level and the resource level for the game.

Cities XL 2012 is designed for all. The tutorial tells you the about the basics of the game and hence, is a big boost for the amateurs. The game doesn't have a goal as such but you may certainly take it up as a challenge to come up with a fully functional city with facilities galore. In short, Cities XL 2012 is a great city builder and brings to light the problems of the modern mega cities.

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