Bungee Jumping Simulator

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If you are looking for a safe and risk-free way to try out the sport of bungee jumping, then Bungee Jumping Simulator is the game for you. Play the thrilling and exciting sport within the confines of your home and feel the rush of adrenalin as you fall from above. The game revolves around the thrill of bungee jumping, but somehow fails to capture the essence of the sport. Once you are all set to jump, the game will allow you to create a series of jumps and stunts that you can pull off before you reach the ground.

What is disappointing about Bungee Jumping Simulator is the fact that the game has a weird camera view that fails to give you the satisfaction of viewing the fall from a first person point of view or the classic and preferred third person point of view. There are a series of difficulty settings that you can alter in order to control the ropes and the height of the fall. Also you get to alter other settings that may add some thrill to the game for a while, but not for very long.

Since Bungee Jumping Simulator revolves around bungee jumping, there is really nothing much to do in the game besides that, and after a while you are bound to feel bored of the game. the visual aesthetics of the game in terms of graphics and the look of the game are pretty good, but the thrill wears down after a while. However, the environment and the movements of the characters are very superficial and add no sense of realism to the game, making it look dull and boring. The only upside to Bungee Jumping Simulator is the difficulty levels and the variety of locations available in the game. besides that the game has little to offer.