Download 3D Navy Simulation- Frigate for PC Windows

This is a battleship game in the navy brought to by VascoGames. This game is free to play. The game starts at the harbour, where there are a lot of battleships. You the player daydreams of getting in one of those and becoming a brave navy fighter. You get to try out the basics of becoming one in this game thereafter. You have to ready your battleships to emerge as a true patriotic navy fighter. This is a game with limited time for parking. There are four different frigate boats. You can also sail in the harbour.

There are twenty very tough challenges that you have to accomplish. The skills require steering wheel control and acceleration and brake control. The steering has to be perfect for winning this game. This has real boat controls. You can play the game with two different views. The time for parking the battleship in the perfect position is limited. This is a true battle against time in a battleship.

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