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XCOM: UFO Defense by Developer Culture Brain is a single player strategy game. This game is a must try for every PC gamer, given its beautiful characterization and scripting. Integrated with two attractive genres: turn based battle and resource management this game is a breathtaking experience. Hence, UFO Defense certainly falls in the category of some highly addictive games which one can’t do without. The suspense factor in the game is an amazing merit and this makes it appealing to every player.

The individual battles of the game are pretty interesting and the turn based engine certainly acts in the player’s favor  One of the best things about this game is the feature where the player can rename the squad members. Here, the gamer can name them anything they want to, even their own real friends’ name and give a tint of reality to this amazing strategy game. As the commander of XCOM, the player has to perform a variety of operations, be it constructing facilities, doing research or housing soldiers, etc. The game involves thrilling elements in the form of tracking alien movements, battling against the enemies, discovering locations on the map and a lot more.

The attacks on the alien troops and the defense for saving one’s army from the enemies, all of it is picturized mesmerizingly in this power packed game. The deep exploration and fine graphics just add to the merits of XCOM: UFO Defense. The grenade attacks, intense fights and stunning visuals in this game deserve a thumbs up. If one being a gamer of any kind, doesn't own XCOM: UFO Defense, then he is seriously missing out on a lot of fun. Availability on multiple platforms and all the interesting features make UFO Defense a unique package from the entire XCOM series.

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