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Villainous is a good tower defense game but it has a twist, unlike the other classic games of this kind which might be interesting to play from the point of view of the defender. This time, the tables are turned and the player will have to take part to the actual assault of different castles around the map in order to conquer everything. This is not an easy the job but the player will have to destroy everything in his way and reach for the gates of the castle in order to become a winner. But the computer also has his defense systems.

Players might already be used to tower defense games and they know that they have to built towers with weapons in order to protect the castle, hence the name of the genre. In the first few levels, this will not be too hard but as the time passes it will be increasingly difficult to do it with success and the player will need a strategy. This is also the case in this game, but only in reverse mode, as the player will have to create himself a strategy in order to take down the towers of the enemy or directly the castle.

There are multiple levels in the game and all of them are interesting, but they are also challenging, so the player will have to find a solution in order to get past the towers and reach for the castle. The player can also upgrade his troops in order to make them better, but these upgrades cost money. Money can be earned as the player manages to destroy the fortifications of the castle and as the player gets to a more advanced level, he will be able to earn a lot of money from this destruction process which will be really worthy.

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