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Victoria II is a welcome development over its former self. The game has done away with the worries that plagued the earlier version and makes its presence felt owing to an intuitive interface, good micromanagement and an engrossing campaign. The game is quite enjoyable and has thousands of gamers vouching for its amazing gameplay. All this makes Victoria II a game worth laying hands upon. According to many Victoria II is very different from the previous Victoria: An Empire under the Sun.

Victoria II belongs to the world of strategy games. The comprehensive tutorials and easy controls make the game a treat for all. If truth be told the game doesn't hold much for the professional gamers, but would certainly impress the amateurs. The game seems to have been inspired from Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis. The game is set in the Victorian era where the gamer gets to control the country of his choice. The game has an online multiplayer mode where you get to fight it out with online gamers from around the globe.

Victoria II has been well conceptualized and involves technological achievements of the period, religion, wars, diplomacy, taxation, population and managing the society. As you delve deep into the same, you would realize the great deal of homework that has gone into the making of the same. The intriguing situations and encounter in the campaign mode adds to the charm of the game. In short, all this makes Victoria II the very game it is. It is a game which would indeed put a smile across your face.

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