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Theme Hotel is a nice game that will allow the player to create and manage his hotel, while keeping the standards at a high level in order to satisfy everyone and also receive the required stars to progress further. Just like a real hotel, the hotel that the player will build has to meet all of the quality standards that are imposed in order to be promoted, otherwise there might appear problems and the hotel might actually get demoted or even closed by the authorities. However, the game is not that hard and the player should do it on purpose in order to close the hotel.

The earnings allow the player to build more rooms in the hotel in order to bring in more customers and allow the company to earn more money for even more future upgrades. This is a really good business but it will not be that good if the players do not take attitude in order to keep everything working inside the hotel. There are a number of facilities that can be built in order for the player to benefit more from the happy customers and every decision can be made after consulting the trusted associate of the hotel.

The customers that visit the hotel will also give a small review of the hotel and the player will know where are the problems and what could be improved. However, the majority of the customers will not give negative reviews because they will definitely be happy with the services that are offered by a player that wants to satisfy all of his customers. Positive reviews will bring in even more people into the hotel and there might be the time for a new upgrade to the number of rooms of the hotel in order to accommodate the customers.

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