Download The Sims 3: Supernatural

Not many years back, Sims 3 tried to break free from the shackles of the modern world and along came, The Sims: Medieval which couldn't live up to the expectation of the masses. This is the reason perhaps that the game developers have once again settled for the game’s all-so-familiar signature gameplay style. The Sims 3: Supernatural walks in the shoes of the original Sims games, but it certainly has a different feel to it. The same is very much evident from the name of the game itself.

It seems that the developers were desperate of giving a creative spark to the franchise and the game, and this is what gave wings to The Sims 3: Supernatural. The game remains rooted to the original idea and yet ropes in a surprising supernatural element. The game is set in the fictional Moonlight Falls area which is a mountainous village. The neighborhood seems straight out of the True Blood TV series where you always run the risk of rubbing shoulders with a vampire or a werewolf. The ghouls, the goblins, the foggy meadows and the Victorian furniture further add creepiness to the game.

The Sims 3: Supernatural by no means is a game meant to spook you throughout the gameplay, but it has its moments. Apart from the supernatural theme, which includes the ghosts, vampires, zombies, fairies, witches and everything already discussed, the game also includes a wide new range of color selection and clothing. The new career options as fortune telling, soothsayer and alchemist adds to the uniqueness of the game. Although it needs to be thoroughly discussed, whether or not the developers did justice to the franchise, The Sims 3: Supernatural manages to enthrall all by being the game it is. It may not be the best Sims game around, but it is unique enough.

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