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Takeover is a really immersive strategy game that will put at challenge even the best players that want to face a true challenge. The ultimate aim of the game is already exposed in the title, it is the Takeover and the player will have to do this as best as he can in order to achieve the status of the ultimate emperor over the world. However, this will not be easy as he is not the only one that wants this and the other emperors want to be crowned over the whole world, too.

There are two enemies in the game, each of them having its own land, and the player will have to take control of whatever of the three factions in the game, playing against the two others. Each will have its own strategies that will try to put at stake in order to gain the land of the enemies but the player will have the best advisers, so he will have the best chance at becoming emperor over the whole world. However, it will still require some strategic thinking in order to reach every aspect that the game wants to cover and it might take a while to master everything.

The game will mainly put the player in an offensive stance and he will able to conduct attacks over his enemies. There are some skill trees that can be used in order to gain better and more powerful advantages in a battle and they should be counted with care in order to have the best outcome from a battle and have the greatest reward. The game is designed in Flash and it has pretty nice graphics, but the story of the game beats this element and provides a really powerful gameplay for the strategy lovers to enjoy.

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