Stronghold Crusader

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Are you a fan of siege warfare? Well, in that case you should definitely try your skills at Stronghold Crusader. It is a real-time strategy game with special emphasis on castle simulation and siege warfare. The original Stronghold game was only about building castles, razing walls and looting countryside’s, however, in the recent years, Firefly Studios has polished up the game interface and turned it into a better version of its previous self. Stronghold Crusader is a stand-alone version of the earlier Stronghold game and is set in the Holy Lands, instead of Europe.

Stronghold Crusader shares a part of its name with Stronghold, but it doesn't share the shortcomings of the previous game. The original game was never much about wars and had more to do with stockpiling resources and planning the economy. However, its latest version, the Stronghold Crusader balances the economy and the military quotient quite well. Each new skirmish map has its own set of positives and negatives which in turn requires the gamers’ to plan their crusade. The game can be played against the game AI and includes a separate multiplayer option as well.

So, what makes Stronghold Crusader a good game for all? Stronghold Crusader may not be able to compete with the recent version of games like Age of Empires, but it has enough interesting features of its own. The best thing about the game is the fact that, it includes a sandbox mode where amateurs would be able to hone their skills at defending their castles and waging wars, before entering the main gameplay. The single player crusader campaigns which are about 50 in number would test your skills well. The missions are interesting and would indeed appeal to all. This is what makes Stronghold Crusader a good strategy game to try hands upon.