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Starvoid is a multiplayer, real time strategy game developed by Zeal Game Studios which has elements that make the game promising. Starvoid is all about controlling your commander, the army, tanks and artillery. The highlight of the game is its unique combat situations. The game is not about gathering resources and building an army. You can control every member of the army and upgrade each of them or add extra units up to a fixed number.

The game features three maps and three game play modes which provide variation in terms of visual and strategic appeal. The number of maps is small which can eventually lead to monotony, but it’s interesting to try and find new strategies in order to overcome the opponent. The three modes are Team Deathmatch, Sabotage and Battle. Team Deathmatch is a mode which allows combat in full freedom. It doesn't involve any strategy and thinking and is just a head on collision with the enemy. In Sabotage, each team is provided with a specific number of bombs and the aim of the game is to reach the enemy’s pit and destroy their resources. Battle is about gathering your resources and then defending them against the enemy team.

The game is exciting and can be thoroughly enjoyed. It is competitive and can deeply engage you while building the army, upgrading your units and strategizing ways using the help of the map to overcome your enemy. Overall the game provides instant action, for up to 12 players per server with high customization and tactical gameplay.

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