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The first SimCity came into the picture, way back in the year 1989 and almost all the SimCity games that followed suit since then revolve round the same idea – building cities and simulating them. The latest game titled as the first game is much the same and yet, is different. It is a modern version of the game. The game is still about money, growth, happiness and goods, but it is an evolved self. SimCity offers real time interactions with other Sims, vehicles, factories, businesses and almost anything that you possibly come across.

The Sims have nothing spectacular about them and seem much like machines. They have clockwork brains and seem much like children owing to their immediate desires and discomfort. The Sims like city services, parks and schools. They dislike pollution, death, excessive taxes, crime and unemployment. As individuals, they might bore the gamer to death, but in SimCity, the gamer would have to deal with 150,000 of them and see to it that they live well. SimCity is an addictive real time management game, set in a spectacular three dimensional world.

SimCity is fairly easy to play. Once you have landed a square plot you may raise it in any style that pleases you. Some of the modern day gamers choose to segregate areas within the map as residential zone, industrial district and commercial area. The game even shows the city resources as coal, water, ore and oil which may directly help you in setting up industries. If you are a fan of strategic games as this, then you would definitely like the idea of building a city from scratch in SimCity. This is where you would have to own up responsibility to provide your Sims with proper water facility, sewage treatment, power, public transportation, parks, police, health-care, school, garbage trucks and almost anything that is required for proper functioning of a city. In short, SimCity is a great game to be laid hands upon.

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