Download Shop Empire 2

Shop Empire 2 is a nice Flash game that will allow the player to create his own empire of shops in order to generate the maximum amount of profit. This is the sequel of the original game and it might seem like the game is based on the fortune that was gathered in the first installment of the series, as this time already the player will have to deal with huge shopping malls. They will have to be built worldwide in order to create a huge network that will generate revenue and will allow the people to shop for different interesting things, at their liking.

The game, surprisingly enough, features pretty nice graphics that will allow everyone to enjoy the smaller details of the game that lower quality textures could not have shown off to the public. However, everything is quite interesting in the game and it will be a real pleasure to get everything straight from the beginning and build a mall that meets the requirements of the people. The manager will have to keep track of the customers as they will say what is wrong with the mall, allowing further upgrades that will make the building the ideal shopping place.

After one mall generates enough revenue, the player will then be able to move on and build another one - there are several locations that can be used in order to build the next mall, some will require a bigger investment but they will also bring in more money as they grow popular. However, it is advisable to use a smaller location in the beginning as it will be much easier to get through  the game and actually build the shop empire that is mentioned in the title of the game. The game is totally interesting and fully enjoyable for every small gamer.

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