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Stealth games are definitely useful for those that want to learn how to sneak better and how to have a more precise strategy in games, and while not every game could allow a player to go as a stealth soldier, some are actually designed in this manner, in order to help the player find a way out of the trouble without giving himself a bigger headache. These games are really interesting to play but they will become harder to master as the levels go further and the enemies become smarter, but this actually the aim of a stealth game, to improve the skills of the player in a really interesting environment.

The game is not hard to learn because there is a specially designed tutorial which will help every player, regardless of skill level that he might have. Everything is presented in a nice manner and the player will be able to practice before he starts the harder missions, in which he will have to sneak past different numbers of guards that have powerful weapons, giving no chance to the player in a one on one combat. Because of this, he must use his sneaking ability at its best in order to have the maximum amount of efficiency.

The missions become gradually harder as the player progresses and sometimes, despite the high skill of the player, a mission might be played twice or even thrice in order to find out all of the details that must be solved in order to gain access to a secret corridor, for example. There are such corridors but they will require keys in order to be opened and getting such a key is not an easy task, either. Because of this, the player will have to find a good strategy in order to advance.


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