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Rebuild 2 is the sequel to the first game in the series and the gameplay is still the same, mainly, but there are also some differences that will make things more fun this time. In the first Rebuild game, the player successfully managed to protect the town against zombies and to also rebuild the structures that were destroyed in the war against the zombies. It was a bloody war and also humans died in that time but now it is time to rebuild everything - however, the plague is still not over and zombies will still appear, so the player will have to find a solution to kill them at the same time as he builds.

The game offers an isometric view over the city that has to be rebuilt and the player will definitely see what are the buildings that need attention. There is also a special counseling advisor that will be really helpful because he can give precious advice regarding the things that should be done in first place, such as rebuilding the defense structures that will keep away at least a part of the zombies that come towards the town. Other things will be also pointed by him.

The bigggest threat are the zombies and they must be defeated at all costs. If the city is rebuilt at a one hundred percentage, then the people will be able to live their lives peacefully again, but this will not be such an easy task because there are many things that must be taken into consideration when doing something like this. There is also the possibility of recruiting survivors to help the building and defending processes in order to make things more effective. However, the survivors must also be helped in different situations and the player must pay attention at all times.

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