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R.U.S.E. is a different kind of RTS game which encourages a different approach to the usual battlefield tactics. The game is known for its original gameplay, strategic in-game elements, good interface, lot of flexibility and interesting skirmish matches over the net. The expansive maps and the competitive arena make it all the more absorbing. The offline single-player campaigns are interesting as well. In short, R.U.S.E. is a good real time strategy game and is certainly worth a try.

The best thing about R.U.S.E. is the fact that, the game has been designed for all. This makes the game all the more approachable for the amateurs as well as the professional gamers. As you zoom out, you get to see the entire battlefield laid out in front of you. This is a unique feature as it allows you to group units and command the same at ease. The game has certain limitations and the tech upgrades seem a bit elementary, but in general R.U.S.E. scores over other similar games doing the rounds. It is a game where you come across a different playing style and set of rules than what we are so accustomed to in other RTS games.

R.U.S.E. includes special skills, which allows you to put to use different battle strategies which has never been part of RTS games before. This unique quality of the game makes it all the more interesting. Every time your plan or strategy works in misleading enemy forces, you would feel a deep sense of satisfaction. All this turns R.U.S.E. into an amazing little game.

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