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Some games are rather easy to play and master, while there are others which would need you to constantly develop your skills in order to survive in the game. Natural Selection 2 is one such game where you would have to work hard to survive. The game is different from other action games in the sense that it offers only multiplayer mode and doesn't let you rely upon any tried and tested formulas for survival. The game is a complex combination of strategy and action and is worth laying hands upon.

The game is meant for serious gamers and amateurs would find it hard to master, chiefly because it doesn't offer any tutorial and instead comes up with demo videos. However, the game is neatly organised and you would get to master it all by yourself, while you are at play. Natural Selection 2 is a team game which lets you thoroughly enjoy the game while you dish out death to men and creatures. The game is much like Team Fortress and boasts of a separate Explore mode as well.

Well, Natural Selection 2 is a close combination of an FPS and a RTS game. The original game was great but this new version is a real head turner. The game can be played as marines or even as aliens. The various alien forms include Skulks, Gorge, Lerk, Fade and Onos. While most of the gamers prefer playing as marines, playing as aliens can be real fun as well. Most of the combats can be very long and tense, which in turn adds to the charm of the game. In short, Natural Selection 2 is a good action strategy game.

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