Monument Builders: Titanic

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Monument Builders: Titanic came out during 2012, to mark the 100th anniversary of the tragic liner RMS Titanic. While there were many developers who wanted to cash in the buzz around the anniversary, only one game managed to create a name for itself, Monument Builders: Titanic. The game is no different from any of the Monument Builder games. The gamer gets to work as a member of the company White Star Line, which is entrusted with the job to build the most iconic liner of the millennium. The gamer has to build the parts and materials required for the job at hand.

Well, for those who are thinking that they would get to see the making of Titanic, they are in for a surprise, as the game never really takes you to the place where the parts you make are attached to the ship. Yes, this is definitely a huge let down! However, the mere chance of contributing things to the liner is exciting enough. Monument Builders: Titanic even comes with a separate slow gameplay mode, one that allows the beginners to get used to the game and get into the thick of things.

In spite of being a game, eating less into the system resources and being considerably lighter than most similar games, Monument Builders: Titanic is a great game to try hands on. The interface is clean and simple. Each new level has different objectives and once you get going, things slowly start getting hard as well as exciting. Like in most of the strategy games, each building has its own purpose and you would need to allocate resources depending upon your level priority. Hence, Monument Builders: Titanic does justice to the idea behind the game and stays true to the concept of Monument Builders games that we have grown accustomed to.