Medieval II: Total War

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Some say that sequels fail to replicate the success of the originals, but experts do not agree. Medieval II: Total War is one such game which scores big over its former self. The engrossing gameplay of Medieval II: Total War would let you enjoy the 100 years war and much more. Like most of the other strategy games, the objective of Medieval II: Total War is to capture the lands around your own. The archers, knights, catapults, men-at-arms, canons and everything that you have in your ranks, would ultimately follow your orders and help you put up a good fight.

Medieval II: Total War deals in assassins, diplomat missions, battles, sieges and trade. The game boasts of amazing graphics and is played on a huge map. It is considered to be one of the best strategy games around and is a huge hit among the gamers around the globe. Medieval II: Total War has made few necessary changes in the gameplay which allows you to raise your base as a town or city which generates quick cash, or raise it as a castle which allows you to access a wide array of military units.

While most of the strategy games fail to address all the aspects of real life, Medieval II: Total War seems to be a little different as it tries to include most of such factors including religion. Once you delve deep into the game, you would soon become a part of many big and small political and economic strangleholds. These would keep you busy all the time. Hence, Medieval II: Total War would test your management skills and only the worthy gamers would actually be able to thwart the advances of the enemies and rout inner strife within the kingdom. This would help him keep balance and thrive in the game.