Download King Arthur: Fallen Champions

King Arthur has been a successful series right from its inception and the latest addition to the same, christened King Arthur: Fallen Champions walks the same path as the former game versions. The game includes real time battle, choose your adventure quests, impressive visuals, aggressive AI and well designed battle scenario. The game is a good follow up of the previous King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame.

King Arthur: Fallen Champions is a welcome development over its former self, however, it is a tad different from those versions. The game is more about RTS combat and the story than the kingdom building which was supposedly one of the key features in the older versions. Hence, those who have had a go at the old games would feel a bit strange here. However, for amateurs the game would seem just fine. King Arthur: Fallen Champions boasts of a grim plot full of magic and twists. The game is much shorter than the previous version and is to the point. This is what makes it all the more absorbing.

So, what is the story about? Well, King Arthur: Fallen Champions revolves around 3 people – Sir Lionel, Lady Corrigan and Drest. In here, the gamer would get to witness Arthur’s wars from three different perspectives. The game has great visuals and has a bleak feel. The game is replete with perilous situations and you would have to beat the odds in order to achieve your goal. All this makes King Arthur: Fallen Champions a satisfying game and certainly worth the penny that you shell for it.

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