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Hex Empire is a really interesting strategy game that will allow the player to have some nice fun as he also tries to discover which would be the best strategy that he can use in order to win the territory of the enemy. The beginning of the game should not be too difficult but if the player wants to, he can follow the tutorial that is featured in the beginning. This tutorial will allow the player to understand the basics of the game and how he should move around the board in order to capture the required territories.

The game is more or less a form of Risk, a classic board game, and the rules will also be pretty similar. However, this game features a fixed board in which every territory is in the form of a hexagon, hence the name of the game. This might make the movement on the map a little bit more tricky, because the player will have to pay attention to the things that must be done in order to avoid getting hit by the enemy - territories can be won and lost pretty easy but the player should not rely on this and he should build the best strategy.

The main element of the game is surrounded by strategy and it will be pretty interesting to do everything that is required in order to accomplish the objectives of each mission. There are different upgrades that can be used on the territories in order to raise their strength and also more troops can be trained in order to be sent into the battle. However, Hex Empire is not just a simple Flash game and the player will be able to see this as he progresses through the missions of the game and sees how much strategy he will need.

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