Heroes of Might and Magic V

Download Heroes of Might and Magic V

If you are a fan of turn based strategy games then you would surely love every bit of Heroes of Might and Magic V. It is a fantasy based game which has a huge fan following of its own. The best thing about the game is the fact that, it stays true to the original story and charm of the series. The game includes outstanding musical scores and has a good graphics to boast about. The series had been defunct for a great many years now and fans were skeptical about Heroes of Might and Magic V. However, the game proved its critics wrong and managed to woo the gamers.

The game has a 3D graphics and yet the underlying theme still resembles the same old Heroes of Might and Magic concept. If truth be told Heroes of Might and Magic V is a kind of remake of the classic game. The game is about commanding heroes and their armies while they explore the map in search of wealth, castles and hostile enemies. It is a game with a difference. As you proceed with the game, you would get to train creatures and gather points.

Heroes of Might and Magic V has 6 payable factions and includes knights, wizards, elves, demons and even the undead. Different factions have faction specific castle and units. They have their own heroes and powers as well. The game has been given a fresh lease of life and introduces new skills. It even entrusts the gamers with added decision making powers. The game has 6 intertwined campaigns with 5 missions for each. Hence, there’s ample gameplay for people who probably have nothing to do during their holidays and would rather love to sit in front of their PC meting out death to the enemies in this game. Finally, it is a game worth laying hands upon.