Fate of the World

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In Fate of the World, the gamer gets to play the role of a problem solver. He would be leading a global organization trying to address and solve the various problems that plague nations around the globe. The game may seem little like X-Com, but the enemies that the game deals with are man made. Few of the issues that you would get to deal in Fate of the World are nuclear proliferation, global warming, regime change and starvation. The basic objective of the game is to keep the planet alive. Your agents established in each of the 12 regions would take money from your budget and spend it for solving issues.

The game is not very simple to play and would be a challenge even for those who take pride in their skills in dealing with Economic sims. However, Fate of the World would have been much easier to play had it had a good tutorial to guide the people through. In spite of this shortcoming, Fate of the World is a good game to try your skills at. As you progress in the game, you would realize that the game is not meant for amateurs. Keeping all the 12 regions happy is indeed a tough job.

A good and easy way to success would be to keep a balance between the political, social and technological issues at hand. While few gamers would find Fate of the World to be a bit tricky, there would be others who would surely love to plan the economy of the world and manage the affairs at the same time. It is a game meant for people who love to take challenges. The game could have been explained much better, but it still manages to impress all. This is what makes Fate of the World a tad different from the lot already available.