Edge of Space

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Edge of Space is a combination of strategy and adventure. It is set in an open world, in a far galaxy or solar system. The game feels much like most of the other strategy games. It is about building or creating a base and trying to survive amidst all the chaos. The game has a dark and weird feel to it, which reflects the threat from other planets and colonies, in the vast universe. Edge of Space is about changing the world to suit your needs and adapting to adverse situations.

Edge of Space would test your management skills in a dangerous and hostile world. The gamer gets to don the role of an Elite ArkCo recruit and is entrusted with the job of building a base and a life sustaining environment for people. You would have to come up with outposts, technology, power stations and other things than can possibly help you survive. You would also get to build weapons. Most of the things can be built or formed by gathering resources and hence, you would have to set your priorities right. This way, you would quickly be able to reach new levels and fend off the initial attacks.

In the initial part of the game, your base would seem much like a bunker, but it is only after some proper planning and execution of the same ideas, that the gamer would be able to churn a giant space station out of it. If you are a fan of strategy games, and have an inclination for the space themed ones, then you would surely love Edge of Space. It may not be the best space strategy game around, but it would certainly manage to impress you. This is what makes Edge of Space a must have for all the strategy game lovers.