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Available as an online game; Company of Heroes Online is Real-Time Strategy (RTS) based gaming application. It is a 3D game that has World War II as its background. The game involves building an army so that you can defeat your opponents. The application allows up to eight players to participate in the game. You have to choose to be part of the Allies or the Axis; and from thereon start building your own unit by unlocking unit upgrades, selecting various commander specializations, etc to march forward and defeat your enemies. Designed and developed by Relic and published online by THQ; you need to wage your wars in the war fields based in Europe.

You can choose from among six different divisions and each has its own distinctive abilities and combat styles. The divisions include the uber-efficient Allied Airborne and the brutal German Blitzkrieg. Once you have selected your division, you can customize it using your own battle-tested Heroes and commander abilities. Not to mention the upgrades that you can use to enhance your army’s power. Being a strategy based game; you get ample opportunities to strategize on and off the field. You need to command your army, and the more victories you claim the better a commander you can claim to be. Since the game involves a lot of violence, bloodshed, and strong language; it is recommended for adult players and categorized as “Mature” gaming tool.

Some of the prominent features of this gaming application are customizable units, six player divisions, upgrades, fast-paced gaming, and commander abilities. Unlike its predecessors, you can avail this game on a free basis. However, this does not mean any compromise in the quality of the game in terms of visualization or game features. The game allows the player to progress from one battle to another, and the customization abilities makes it interesting for the users. Although it involves a steep learning curve, especially for players who are new to this genre of game; it still claims to be one of the best gaming applications in this category. The publishers claim that it is capable of winning over both experienced users and novices, alike.

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