Commander: Conquest of the Americas

Download Commander: Conquest of the Americas

After a series of successful strategy games dealing in different contexts, the Finnish developers Nitro Games has set its sights on tackling the coastlines of North and South America. Instead of ramming combat down your throat, the Commander: Conquest of the Americas revolves more closely around the steady growth of your colonial empire through trade and balanced management. In the game, you get to command one of the seven different European nations. Your troop gets deployed in the North Atlantic Ocean circa 1500 A.D, just off the course of the America.

As you progress in Commander: Conquest of the Americas, you would get to know, the unique perks and balances of every nation. Expansion is a slow and steady process that allows you to plan carefully to manage your colonies. The gameplay becomes increasingly enjoyable once you familiarize yourself with the game and get into a steady groove. Once the complexities are mastered, you will see that the auto trade option is a brilliant shortcut that lets you send ships on elaborate routes to pick up and drop goods, transport soldiers, and sell items for earning profits.

However, this is not all! In Commander: Conquest of the Americas, you would get to know of the buildings that you must construct to expand your empire. You are given with four advisers who cover the different aspects of your empire (trade, military, law and religion), and each appear at different missions at regular intervals. Battles are done in the name of diplomacy, economic growth and trade. It is a treat to create trade and military strategies and quite gratifying to watch the nation grow.